Fist pump 2 Hunt starts tonight!


I hope y’all are excited. This is was my best hunt a year ago and I’m excited to bring it back. We have a lot of good stores and awesome prizes for everyone so I hope you have fun and enjoy the gifts everyone worked so hard on for you!

Starting point.

Inworld hunters group. For extra help and hints




Flickr Group.

And come back later for missing and skip locations if needed. They will be posted below.


#3 Alexohol skip to #4

#17 Static Clothing Moved.

#40 Le Lolo and no store at #41 skip to #42

Fist pump with the best hunt 2.

Apply here.

The same as before. Please don’t IM me asking if you got in. I’ll let you know if you have.

50-70 stores will be accepted.

Theme: ‘what you love’ so this could be anything. The item needs to be new or a different color of something you’re already selling that is new.

Date: April 6th

Owner: rockstarroo GossipGirl